Off-market Opportunities

Dedicated acquisition search service

Here at the Business Sale Report we understand that finding and making an acquisition involves a lot of hard work and can be a time consuming process requiring the right knowledge and contacts in order to achieve real results. Not every business you find will be a perfect match and although we list a large number of businesses for sale, some buyers will have very specific acquisition or timescale requirements which can make finding the right opportunity that much more difficult.

Working more closely with buyers focused on growth through strategic acquisitions, we can now provide a more tailored service helping you to target off market opportunities previously out of reach.

If you are considering making multiple acquisitions or perhaps targeting a very niche prospect, then this service may be ideal for you. We have partnered with a team of M&A specialists to provide a more bespoke level of service, tailored to assisting buyers who may not have the time to pursue every potential opportunity to the fullest.

This service is aimed at business buyers interested in multiple acquisition opportunities, buyers with very specific acquisition criteria and buyers without the required time to search for the right acquisition. Using a dedicated M&A specialist to search for opportunities and arrange meetings will save you time and money and ensure that you make the right acquisition.

Buying a business is a detail-oriented task. From the initial search to a deal's conclusion, an acquisition takes much effort to complete successfully. On average, it takes ten introductions before a buyer makes an acquisition - making sure that these are the right introductions requires considerable time and knowledge.

A dedicated agent will be able to pinpoint the underlying requirements that clients themselves are often unfamiliar with. This requires intimate knowledge of the M&A process from the very beginning. The agent will act as your representative and will use a network of developed links within the M&A market to locate acquisition opportunities and keep them off the open market, allowing you the time necessary to make a decision on your acquisition.

A buyer could try searching for an acquisition themselves, or even appoint an employee to scour the market for suitable matches. But if real results are important then engaging an M&A practitioner is imperative.

This is a completely bespoke, dedicated search and introduction service based on business buyers’ specific acquisition requirements.

During an initial meeting, one of our M&A specialists will pinpoint your underlying requirements and create a detailed set of acquisition criteria. Using these criteria your dedicated specialist will research acquisition potentials on your behalf, compiling a list of businesses for sale and off-market businesses that are not registered for sale. Once suitable opportunities have been identified they will be submitted for your approval. Acquisition potentials that are agreed upon will be contacted directly on your behalf and negotiations will begin to establish a first meeting between yourselves and potential sellers.

The service guarantees a minimum of one introduction a month with a company matching your criteria that has been submitted to your approval. We provide an M&A specialist who will dedicate their time to researching and targeting potential businesses.

We will target any and all types of businesses as long as they are trading in the UK and main EU countries. This is a completely bespoke service tailored around clients’ criteria so depending on the scope of the businesses any one client is interested in, we will consider all acquisition potentials that fall in line with requirements.

This is a bespoke service tailored to your unique acquisition requirements, therefore the price can vary depending on the number of acquisitions you are looking for as well as the timescale Once we have established acquisition criteria specific to you, we can work out a package suitable for you.

A business that is not currently on the market or officially listed for sale anywhere. Very often these will be solvent companies with good trading histories whose owners have not yet considered selling.