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Manufacturing & Re-calibration - Engineering - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £175,000
Location: West Midlands

The business has the sole rights to manufacture and market certain specialist, critical measurement equipment for the construction and civil engineering industries, and is the only provider of the required annual (or as required by usage) recalibration of the equipment, thereby having a captive mark..

Automotive Engineering & Maintenance (Bolt-on) - Engineering - Stourbridge

Asking Price: £90,000
Turnover:  £100,000
Location: West Midlands

It is on the approved suppliers list with very large automotive companies all of which have recent trading history. The company currently has two vehicles and a range of fabricating and maintenance tools. Would make an ideal bolt-on for those looking to increase capacity...

Tooling Manufacturing - Engineering - Warwickshire

Asking Price: £800,000
Turnover:  £560,000
Location: West Midlands

These are three product lines sold world wide with an established customer base. All concerned with threading. We are moving into smaller premises, and selling product lines. Turnover is £566k per annum total and is made up of £133k threading dies including subcontract, £132k circular chasers a..

Precision Engineering Facility: Automotive Industry - Engineering - West Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £2,970,000
Location: West Midlands

Specialises in the design, manufacture, maintenance and repair of press tools, mould tooling and die-cast tooling. Also provides an extensive portfolio of complementary services, including reverse engineering, 3D scanning, non-contact inspection, sub-contract engineering. Over 40 active clients, who..

Precision Engineering - Engineering - Birmingham

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £576,000
Location: West Midlands

It specialises in complex and technically complicated machined parts which require tailored solutions to high degree of tolerance. It supplies low volume, niche, precision parts and is also more than happy to be a subcontract manufacturer when high volume work is required. ..

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