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Business Process Automation Software - Technology - UK

Asking Price: 
Location: UK Wide

Formed in 2012 to develop a cloud/SaaS business process automation platform for professional services, managed and shared services organisations. The product development is now complete and the product is market-ready. The platform provides a single, real-time view across the entire order to invoice..

Integration Software for Accounting 7 ERP Solutions - Technology - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £870,000
Location: UK Wide

UK based, Turnover of circa £870k with adjusted EBITDA in excess of £445k, 300 active clients approximately 90% of whom provide reliable repeat business, Easily relocatable as all staff work remotely, Longstanding relationships with key clients in place for over 10 years, Gross profit margins in e..

Web Design Agency - Technology - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £403,000
Location: UK Wide

A digital marketing agency, specialising in innovative and simple digital solutions. Services include online marketing, app development, SEO and e-commerce platform builds. Clients include a car manufacturer, major telecommunication business, Government agency and national bathroom manufacturer. Rec..

Managed IT Services - Technology - London & Overseas Office

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,330,000
Location: London

Provider of IT managed services, with a London and overseas office. Clients: UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and US. Well-defined brand. 120+ servers and 700+ PCs supported. Loyal client base - various industry sectors. c. 65% turnover = contracted recurring revenue. Second-tier management runs business da..

Business Support Software for Membership Organisations - Technology - Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £547,000
Location: UK Wide

It has developed a comprehensive suite of essential software solutions to help organisations manage their membership base. It fully owns the IPR and provides ongoing support that generates over half of its annual income. As a niche supplier within its sector, it has built a significant track record,..

Data Replication & Disaster Recovery Software & Services - Technology - West Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £520,000
Location: West Midlands

Software offers data and system recovery solutions for issues ranging from local system failures to major disasters. Software also provides system monitoring and user notifications. Strong presence in niche IT sector as a provider of specialist technical solutions. Sole distributor arrangement with ..

Film Restoration, Transfer, Hosting & Streaming Services - Technology - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £133,000
Location: UK Wide

Specialists in the transfer and restoration of retro film formats, and provides hosting and streaming services for these films. Provides services to private customers as well as organisations with large stores of historic media, such as museums, the NHS, the MoD, educational establishments and media..

Website Design, Development & Associated Services - Technology - Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £340,000
Location: UK Wide

Midlands. Turnover of circa £340k with adjusted EBITDA of £120k. Established over 15 years, the company has retained a strong, long-standing client base. Provides a turnkey service from conception, development and implementation through to hosting and ongoing support. Over 210 active clients with ..

Specialist Software Applications & Web Developer - Technology - Yorkshire

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £610,000
Location: Yorkshire and the Humber

Specialist software applications and web developer, providing industry-tailored software development, stand-alone software packages and contractual software maintenance to a diverse range of niche, often expert, B2B clients in industries including commercial property, integrated accounting, health, ..

IT Support, Equipment Hire, Solutions & Sales - Technology - Midlands

Asking Price: £300,000
Turnover:  £281,000
Location: UK Wide

Established for over 25 years. The business is an IT solutions and sales provider, specialising in the provision of systems and software, training and IT equipment hire. Services include room hire, training courses, equipment rental as well as the installation of software applications. High ranking ..

Developer of Marine Security Solutions & Intelligence Services - Technology - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £200,000
Location: UK Wide

Successful and well known developer and supplier of marine security solutions, night visions and intelligence services for worldwide customers. One of the oldest established supplier with excellent reputation in the industry. Long-established, trademarked, and recognised world-wide brand in marine s..

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