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Automated Paint Mixing Systems - Manufacturing - East Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,805,000
Location: East Midlands

Installs and maintains specialist technology (paint mixing machines, smart scale systems, IT equipment, network cabling) utilised by major paint companies supplying the automotive manufacturing industry across the UK and Europe. High level of experience within the industry, with no known direct comp..

Horticultural Products - Manufacturing - Derbyshire

Asking Price: £100,000
Turnover:  £340,000
Location: East Midlands

Currently located in Derbyshire but fully relocatable, it produces link-a-bord - a highly versatile recycled plastic boarding system used for planters, storage boxes, animal pens and so much more. Business includes all equipment including two extruders, two injection moulders plus a range of special..

Fireplace & Granite Worktops - Manufacturing - Lincolnshire

Asking Price: 
Location: East Midlands

manufactures fireplaces, granite kitchen worktops, memorials and other associated marble products. It imports directly from countries throughout Southern Europe as well as Africa, the Middle East, India, China and the Far East. By selecting only the finest quality materials clients are assured of th..

Traditional Sand-based Surfaces & Green Surfaces - Manufacturing - East Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £300,000
Location: East Midlands

Primarily supplies stabilised natural grass for sports, amenities, emergency access, car parking & green service roads to renewable energy facilities & airports. Holds license & partnership agreements with organisations in Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Middle East & Far East. GP £150k...

Product Manufacturer: Spill Control Industry - Manufacturing - East Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,165,000
Location: East Midlands

Manufactures a wide range of products for the spill control industry, predominantly from waste non-woven fabrics. Products are used to clean-up a range of spillages, such as oil, chemical and general spillages, for clients operating in a diverse range of industries. A small proportion of revenue is ..

Window Blinds - Manufacturing - East Midlands

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,360,000
Location: East Midlands

Turnover of £1.36m, with an adjusted EBITDA of circa £280k and strong gross profit margins; in excess of 50%. This prestigious, independent company is a manufacturer, trade supplier and retailer of quality bespoke window blinds. Offers a wide range of blinds such as: Vertical, Roller, Venetian, Pe..

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