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Food Distributor of Ambient, Chilled, Frozen & Non-food Items - Wholesale and Distribution - UK

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £1,750,000
Location: North West

Delivers multi-temperature wholesale food services to a wide variety of independent catering outlets located throughout the North West using its comprehensive range of vehicles and in-house team of drivers. Stocks an extensive range of ambient, chilled, frozen foods,and non-food products for next da..

Eyelash Products to the Hair & Beauty Industry - Wholesale and Distribution - North West

Asking Price: 
Location: North West

Specialist beauty company solely focusing on the distribution of ethically sourced, real hair eyelash products to consumers and industry professionals, including make-up artists. The company has a strong brand image, including registered logos, alongside an ecommerce website making it easily accessi..

Distributor: Commercial & Industrial Pipeline Products - Wholesale and Distribution - North West

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £257,000
Location: North West

Examples of products supplied by the company include manual and actuated valves, steel tubes and fittings and flanges. Shareholders willing to remain in their current operational roles, post-sale, subject to negotiation. 65 active clients, of whom over 95% provide regular, repeat business. Serves a ..

Haulage - Wholesale and Distribution - North West

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £2,055,998
Location: North West

For sale pending the appointment of an insolvency practitioner. Services include general haulage throughout the UK. Family business established since the late 1980s. Established customer base. 28 employees. Assets comprise: motor vehicles, leasehold premises, furniture and office equipment, website,..

Timber Merchant, Hardware & Kitchen/Bathrooms - Wholesale and Distribution - North West

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £2,200,000
Location: North West

Wholesale timber merchant established in 1852, with a reputation for excellent service and high quality products. The timber yard supplies all hardwood and softwoods including oak, mahogany and Siberian Redwoods, sourced responsibly from sustainable forests around the world. MDF, plywood, and veneer..

Medication Management Products - Wholesale and Distribution - North West

Asking Price: £185,000
Turnover:  £237,000
Location: North West

E-commerce retailer and wholesale distributor of medication management products for the storage and dispensing of medication in the healthcare sector for home & commercial & social services use. It sells its own world renowned products as well as acting as a main distributor for market leading produ..

Meteorological Equipment, Systems & Associated Engineering - Wholesale and Distribution - Manchester

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £189,000
Location: North West

Supplies/installs meteorological equipment and systems. Engineering services include site selection and preparation; maintenance, calibration, troubleshooting and repair. Serves industries including aviation, power generation, ports and harbours. 95% client retention rate. Long-standing client relat..

Garden Buildings: Greenhouses, Sheds, Fencing - Wholesale and Distribution - Lancashire

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £634,000
Location: North West

Established in 1981, retirement sale. It sells a range of garden buildings such as green houses, sheds, garages, fencing products and much more. It also offers design, manufacture and installation services when necessary. It is in full walk-in condition...

Commercial Bottled Gas Supply - Wholesale and Distribution - Greater Manchester

Asking Price: £265,000
Turnover:  £150,000
Location: North West

Provides a competitive and reliable cylinder gas service to clients within several market sectors. It supplies and distributes bottled gas to commercial customers in and around the Greater Manchester area. The business supplies a varied array of clients and has some 220 regular retail customers incl..

Commercial & Domestic Catering Equipment - Wholesale and Distribution - North West

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £3,390,000
Location: North West

Specialist online supplier of commercial and domestic catering equipment such as refrigerators, cooking and food preparation equipment, pizza equipment, and sous vide cooking equipment to restaurants, cafes and hospitals, as well as direct to endusers, plus secondary supply of UV sterilisers direct ..

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