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Boreholing (Assets) - Building and Construction - Devon

Asking Price: 
Location: South West

Equipment asset sale by order of the proposed liquidators. Equipment for sale to include: drill rigs, mud recycler, mobile compressors, accessories, plant trailers, vehicles, stock, forklift, workshop equipment etc. Viewing Monday 20th February 2017. Bidding ends Tuesday 21st February 2017....

Steel Building Contractor - Building and Construction - South West

Asking Price: 
Turnover:  £3,530,000
Location: South West

Design, fabrication and construction of a wide range of high quality agricultural and industrial steel framed buildings, such as agricultural, cattle and general purpose storage buildings and industrial buildings ranging from small units to large warehouses, and local transport depots. Also offering...

Crane Hire - Building and Construction - South West

Asking Price: £1,000,000
Turnover:  £1,556,638
Location: South West

The opportunity exists to acquire this crane hire company by way of a share purchase. The business started in 2003, initially operating as a sole trader, and was incorporated in 2009. Since then the owner is widely known in the region as the authority on cranes and heavy transport, and the Business ...

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