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Local information: Warwickshire, West Midlands

Warwickshire is an administrative area in the West Midlands, differing considerably from the historic county from which it takes its name. Its county town is Warwick, although the largest town is Nuneaton in the far north of the county. However, Warwickshire’s more famous settlement is unquestionably Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare, which has several prestigious theatres, and receives over three million visitors a year, from all over the world. There are no cities in Warwickshire since both Coventry and Birmingham were incorporated into the West Midlands county in 1974 and became metropolitan authorities themselves.

During the Middle Ages Warwickshire was dominated by Coventry, which was at the time one of the most important cities in England, due to its textile trade. Warwickshire played a key part in the English Civil War, and became one of Britain’s foremost industrial counties during the industrial revolution.