Valuing a business

The idea of selling your business can seem quite daunting, especially for those owners who have spent years building the company from the ground up.

It can be extremely difficult for any business owner to set aside personal sentiments and accurately value their business, especially if they have no real idea of the current market valuations for similar businesses that have been recently successfully sold.

An owner-valued business runs the risk of being over or underpriced. Overpriced businesses can remain unsold for years whilst underpriced ones will usually be snapped up quickly, much to the detriment of the seller who may have achieved a better deal for themselves with a professional opinion.

Professional valuations will add positive support to your asking price and, more often than not, increase the likelihood of achieving a sale.

If you would like a professional opinion of the possible sale price your business could achieve please fill in the form below in as much detail as possible and we will arrange a valuation for you.

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