A former engineering manufacturing business making scuba gear, fishing tackle, archery equipment, laboratory accessories, and glassblowing equipment. Having been in business for over 25 years, the owner closed down the factory in 2006, and is now wanting to dispose of the tooling and production drawings etc for the manufacture of some 23 centre-pin fishing reels, together with five scuba-diving items. The bulk of the turnover was the scuba and fishing tackle and the tooling and drawings related to these are now up for sale. Potential buyers for this reel production line are likely to be either a small engineering company that wants to add this as a bolt-on range to their existing production facility, or a distributor who has overseas manufacturing contacts that can produce the reels on their behalf. Floor space required for this facility will be approximately 500 sq. ft, assuming that conventional lathes, mills, hydraulic presses, and drilling machines are available.

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Category: Engineering
Region:South East

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