A subscription-based company that offers a fully integrated and bespoke Cloud platform to assist in areas including membership initiation, monitoring of facility use, invoicing and access control. Develops software fully compatible with any browser based electronic device and other providers, utilising Cloud services with a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Boasts an international client base offering 100% repeat business and a consistent revenue of license fees that would not be affected if the software transferred to another owner. Each new client is charged a minimum of £1,200 per annum in license fees, with YE16 subscription income at £70k set against running costs of approximately £25k. Developed a strong pipeline, including a 4-year ongoing contract to provide system installation for up to 60 sites. Utilises a fully trained and experienced development manager who can continue to update and evolve the software post-sale. Following year projected T/O of £220k, with a projected subscription income of over £100k. Offers invited.


Category: Technology
Location:West Midlands
Region:West Midlands

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