Supplying customers with best box solutions across the UK and Ireland with practice-based learning software in the areas of student management. Niche software that provides streamlined vocational management systems. Secured a prestigious core of customers - some have been using the products for over 15 years. 85% repeat custom. Owns valuable IPR on all products. Strong project and methodology skills with excellent knowledge via a team of technical architects. Autonomous operations which can be grown and enhanced by the current management team. Excellent breed of IT software. Operates in the strong, reliable market place: large market share in the UK and ROI. 73% of sales are via support contracts charged at c20% of the first payment. Culture of design and development within the business - customers can benefit from updates and enhancements to ensure software stability and efficiency. Established presence within the operational market. GP £495k. EBITDA £130k.


Category: Technology
Location:South East
Region:South East

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