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What does “business in administration” mean?

Financial difficulties can lead to a company being placed into administration. Once in administration, the company, along with its affairs and assets, are managed by an administrator; a licensed insolvency practitioner. Depending on the situation they may sell all or part of the business as a going concern, or sell off the assets, or the business may have to be closed down. One key goal for the administrators is to repay any secured creditors. There is a very good chance that the company in administration continues in one form or another.

Latest Administration Listings

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
SolicitorsLondon - 20/09/2017
Bookkeeping activitiesSouth West £1,290,241 20/09/2017
Medical Recruitment AgencyEast of England - 20/09/2017
Retail of Outdoor FurnitureNorth East £12,920 20/09/2017
Industrial and Provident Society (Credit Union) - 20/09/2017
Development of building projectsNorth West - 19/09/2017
Travel AgentYorkshire and the Humber £2,573 19/09/2017
Other manufacturing not elsewhere classifiedWest Midlands - 19/09/2017
RetailerLondon £2,496,473 19/09/2017
Travel AgentYorkshire and the Humber £64,745 19/09/2017
Electrical EngineeringLondon £43,532 19/09/2017
Plumbing, heat and air conditioning installationNorth East £166,700 18/09/2017
Holding companyLondon £1,276,187 18/09/2017
Wholesale of clothing and footwearLondon £198,804 18/09/2017
HaulageWales £107,603 18/09/2017
Mobile ecommerce technology servicesLondon £1,587,000 18/09/2017
RecruitmentSouth West - 15/09/2017
Manufacture and sale of jewellery and related articlesEast of England - 15/09/2017
TV ChannelLondon - 15/09/2017
Manufacture and sale of jewellery and related articlesEast of England £77,951 15/09/2017
Operation of sports facilitiesSouth East £373,664 14/09/2017
Computer and Related ActivitiesLondon £30,495 14/09/2017
Workforce training and developmentNorth East £745,538 14/09/2017
Installer of sprinkler systemsLondon £21,641 13/09/2017
Recruitment agencySouth East £15,101 13/09/2017
BakerySouth West £594,240 13/09/2017
Information TechnologySouth East £72,983 13/09/2017
BakerySouth West £594,240 13/09/2017
Other activities of employment placement agenciesYorkshire and the Humber £20,871 12/09/2017
Installation of heating systemsSouth East - 12/09/2017
Manufacture of fluid power equipmentNorth West £32,912 12/09/2017
Manufacture of engines and turbinesSouth East £11,973 12/09/2017
Dental practice activitiesLondon - 12/09/2017
Menswear retailerYorkshire and the Humber £1,763,000 12/09/2017
Event Catering ActivitiesLondon £509,153 11/09/2017
Selling and installing catering equipmentWest Midlands £-5,071 11/09/2017
Sale of motor vehicle, parts and accessoriesNorth East £62,747 11/09/2017
Commercial cleaningSouth West £119,036 11/09/2017
Selling and installing catering equipmentWest Midlands £67,399 11/09/2017
Construction of domestic buildingsEast of England - 11/09/2017
Construction of domestic buildingsLondon - 11/09/2017
* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. It is not compulsory for businesses to report all financial figures so we have only included figures available to us. The figures are unlikely to be an accurate reflection of the companies current status due to the nature of insolvency. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that have been put into administration.