Winding-up petitions listing and alerts service

If you are looking for a quick and simple way of finding a business in financial difficulties and that has the potential to be turned around then your search is over. The companies below have had winding up petitions issued against them.

A winding-up petition is a legal document that is submitted by the party or parties wishing to liquidate the company. These parties may be the directors of the company themselves, or a third party such as a creditor.

A petition is issued prior to a pre-arranged court date. So a notice of a petition is a vital window of opportunity

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Type of Business Region Total Fixed Assets Date Published
Retail sale of hardware, paints and glass in specialised storesWest Midlands £32,387 16/11/2017
Development of building projectsLondon £6,125 15/11/2017
Buying and selling of own real estateSouth West £504,001 15/11/2017
Marine fishingWest Midlands £312,309 15/11/2017
Wholesale of metals and metal oresLondon £1,631,836 15/11/2017
Postal activities under universal service obligationLondon £102,971 15/11/2017
Business and domestic software developmentNorth East - 15/11/2017
Joinery installationNorth East £53,474 15/11/2017
Wholesale of fruit and vegetablesSouth West - 15/11/2017
Construction of commercial buildingsYorkshire and the Humber - 15/11/2017
Freight transport by roadLondon £343,618 15/11/2017
Information technology consultancy activitiesLondon - 15/11/2017
Plumbing, heat and air-conditioning installationLondon - 15/11/2017
Business and domestic software developmentLondon £5,233 15/11/2017
Development of building projectsLondon - 15/11/2017
Residential care activities for learning difficulties, mental health and substance abuseLondon - 15/11/2017
Floor and wall coveringLondon £820 15/11/2017
Construction of commercial buildingsWest Midlands - 15/11/2017
Licensed restaurantsWest Midlands £4,649 15/11/2017
GlazingNorth West £20,827 15/11/2017
Roofing activitiesLondon £270,098 15/11/2017
Information technology consultancy activitiesSouth West £970 15/11/2017
Information technology consultancy activitiesNorth West £5,680 15/11/2017
Construction of domestic buildingsSouth East - 15/11/2017
Security systems service activitiesSouth West £29,372 15/11/2017
Wholesale of pharmaceutical goodsWest Midlands £27,458 15/11/2017
Activities of venture and development capital companiesLondon - 14/11/2017
Advertising agenciesLondon £222,486 14/11/2017
Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and softwareEast Midlands £1,380 14/11/2017
Unlicensed restaurants and cafesLondon £194,337 14/11/2017
Construction of utility projects for fluidsSouth East - 14/11/2017
Construction of commercial buildingsSouth West - 14/11/2017
Renting and operating of Housing Association real estateLondon £550,000 14/11/2017
Non-specialised wholesale tradeEast Midlands £88,419 13/11/2017
Residential care activities for the elderly and disabledEast of England £11,277 13/11/2017
Construction of commercial buildingsSouth West £372 13/11/2017
Residents property managementSouth East - 13/11/2017

* The financial figures shown are those last reported at Companies House. Therefore the figures are unlikely to be accurate as of now. The purpose of including this information is in order to help subscribers gain some idea as to the overall scale of the businesses that has had the winding up petition lodged against them.